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Genuinely funny and entertaining

I'm glad most people reviewing you seem to understand that you were just goofing around, and that this wasn't some kind of showcase of your guitar hero skills. Good for you for making a parody of this game, even though people tend to be really opinionated and douchebaggy about it for some reason.

Really funny stuff!

One of the best flashes I've ever seen -

That about says it..

You actually had decent character development in.. what, a 7 minute long flash? The foreshadowing you had by showing his tail in the beginning was very clever - it's attention to details like those that make this a good story. And you are an excellent storyteller.


This was fantastic! You really know how to keep a music video interesting and amusing - the solo business where he ran around playing random objects was my favorite. You rock.

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Holy crap!

What an amazingly awesome game! I played this until my fingers were sore. Pro mode with all silver or better, and all the guitars!
This is going into my favorites right now. I loved it, and it wasn't glitchy for me at all. Simple concept, but challenging and rewarding. Loved it.

If you play the faster levels for a while and then stare at a blank surface (like a wall), you get the optical illusion that the wall is all wavy. Yeah, I'm done playing now.

The atomic bomb

It can burn whole buildings!

"I have no use for this blowtorch..."

That part was friggin' hilarious, man. I don't know if it was on purpose or not, but I nearly pissed myself.

This was a fine game - you didn't skimp on the drama, either. ;-)

Positives: This game was very well put-together in the sense that it had a specific beginning, middle and end (although a cliffhanger) that gave you a sense of satisfaction about it. I like sleuthy King's Quest kind of games, and I really enjoyed 'Trapped.'

But please try to be a little more subtle and clever in the sequel, eh? I mean, the convenient screwdriver in the car I could have lived with. Even the fact that she was somehow locked .. inside.. a car, I could live with. But the blowtorch thing just kind of ruined the 'resourceful heroine detective' thing for me. Also, I had my heart set on using that banana in someone's tailpipe rather than ... the less-than-intuitive way I used it.




When you killed off the boyfriend, I don't know if this was done just for the hell of it or if it was meant as a serious event in the plot, but there was barely any character development with him before he died. I for one didn't really care, ya know?

Of course, it should definitely be said that all of this is just nit-picking, and that the positives far outweigh the negatives in this game. I tend to talk so much about the few things I would have done differently that it makes it sound like I didn't enjoy the game, which I did. So I say great job, and keep up the good work, mate.

Godlimations responds:

=D thanks! YES!! I fully know what you mean!! =D Mickey's character did not build up well enough, I am creating a prequel to Trapped so keep steady for it =D

thanks for reviewing!

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This had me bobbing my head - very cool instrumentation, and I thought the square leads were used very tastefully. Definitely my favorite part was the bent-note breakdown around 2:14.. that was pretty funky.

Total jam - I'll be throwing this one on my ipod for sure!

Been a while

Loved this groove, Cheese. The breakdown around 1:05 was well done and the reapeating keys were tasteful and kept it interesting.

An all-around good listen!

Cheez-R-Us responds:

thanks again!

Great instrumentation

The piece was very well-arranged, and the instruments sound fantastic! Can you tell me what program you're using?

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