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Genuinely funny and entertaining

I'm glad most people reviewing you seem to understand that you were just goofing around, and that this wasn't some kind of showcase of your guitar hero skills. Good for you for making a parody of this game, even though people tend to be really opinionated and douchebaggy about it for some reason.

Really funny stuff!

One of the best flashes I've ever seen -

That about says it..

You actually had decent character development in.. what, a 7 minute long flash? The foreshadowing you had by showing his tail in the beginning was very clever - it's attention to details like those that make this a good story. And you are an excellent storyteller.


This was fantastic! You really know how to keep a music video interesting and amusing - the solo business where he ran around playing random objects was my favorite. You rock.


Maybe I'm on the wrong track interpreting all your animations to have something to do with the way people raise their kids. I can only tell you what I took from it, and the message I got was that whatever your I.Q., a person needs good parents to mature properly.
The kid in this movie (I'm taking it that he was playing with this toy, make-believing that they hated each other) seemed to have developed immature and antisocial tendancies, despite the fact that his doting parents cared so much about his intellectual development. He was still a kid who needed attention and experience before taking on the world's intellectual challenges.

Again, I admit that I could be way off here, but maybe you'd be interested (and not frustrated) to hear a different perspective!

I think it's great that you give so much feedback and read your reviews - if you read this, I'd like to take it as an opportunity to tell you how highly I think of your writing and all your work - from the animation style to the music and sound effects. Please keep it up!


I don't think the last guy understood this at all. You don't just make bible references to everything when trying to sound artistic.

I think the message was quite a bit simpler: people raise their kids to repress and hide their insecurities and pain rather than confront them. We live in a world full of scared children masking their faces.

Or whatever lololol.

Oh wow..

So glad I watched this - that was such an emotional and intelligent perspective on that story. You should consider filmmaking or scriptwriting as a career, if you're lucky enough to be this gifted!

Fantastic job. That was truly artistic.


I don't know what to say that hasn't been said. This flash series is so ridiculously good that you can consider any bad review you get to be a margin of error in the rating system.

I would seriously watch this shit on TV, and I wouldn't miss an episode. Christ. Have some talent.

Fantastic job!

Wow, this is extremely well-done. Every scene was very clever, and it was very well-synchronized.

This is very impressive; it's easily as well-done as any musical cartoon spot on television. Congratulations.

I can't say enough about your work

This series is so amazing I wanna shit myself with glee. You certainly know how to animate a good story. I can't wait for further installments, and thank you for making the ones you have.

Is this considered a sprite movie? I would point at this as evidence that sprite movies CAN be great. You're my favorite portal author.

That was excellent!

I didn't realize what author this was until I recognized Genevive. That was a great twist.

Chibi-american is full of himself, as several people have already recognized that they were familiar with the plague doctors' mask. Your flash is well-appreciated, and keep up the good work!

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